Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reading session for Visually challenged students

We successfully launched `Reading session for Visually challenged` friends.

Thanks to the trustees of `TKKNN Vysya Charities` who provided their community hall located at Sunkuwar street, Triplicane. Thanks to Balasubramaniyam sir for co-ordinating in getting the venue for reading session.

All 5 trustees of the charity inaugurated the session, by lighting the "Kuththu Vilakku" and the session started at 11AM and went on until 12:30 PM.

Trustees of the TKKNN Vysya Charities assured to sponsor for Tea/Coffee and snacks in all further reading sessions. Thanks to you all.

Totally 16 students (11 from Presidency, 3 from QMC and 1 from Nandhanam Govt. college) attended the session today. Thanks to Palanichamy for co-ordinating and bringing the students from various colleges.

21 volunteers turned out for today. Thanks to everyone for your time.
  1. Pavithra
  2. Satish Bonthu
  3. Jai Sankar
  4. Nagappan
  5. Rathi Devi
  6. Balasubramaniyam Sir
  7. Kanchan
  8. Anitha Srinath
  9. Komal
  10. Gopi Krishna
  11. Ranganathan
  12. SriPonkothai
  13. Sowmeya
  14. Bala
  15. Sasikumar
  16. Sudha
  17. Praveen
  18. Saranya
  19. Priyamvadha
  20. Swaminathan
  21. Venkat
All were served with Tea.

Snaps @

This reading session will happen on every Saturday from 10AM - 12PM. If there is any change on a particular week, that will be informed in prior.

Going forward Balasubramaniyam sir and Rathi Devi will co-ordinate the reading session with the guidance from the board members of Chennai Social Service.

Those who wish to be part of CSS can enroll themselves in our site -

Kind Requests:
1. During the reading session, please put the mobile in silent or in low volume. If you need to make/attend any calls, kindly come away from the premises, so that it won't disturb other readers and students.

2. Please don't share your numbers with any of the students. If they ask for the number to be contacted during the time of requirement, kindly ask them to meet/contact me. 

Kindly share your suggestions/ideas/feedbacks. Will improve our capability.

For any queries, reach @ 98415 5047687540 45125

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Satish Bonthu said...

Its a beginning, idea behind this center is its accessibility for the students; quite a few colleges in and around this place- Tiruvellikeni MRTS, hope we capitalise on this. Tamil readers are primary requirement.