Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Members and New Records - Sapling Distribution

During the last 2 weeks, we distributed saplings in and around Kodungaiyur.

On Nov 16, Surya, Arun, Gurubaran and Sai distributed 13 saplings to 4 homes in Manali, Puzhal areas.

On Nov 23, Surya, Sai and Nirmal distributed 20 saplings to 6 homes in and around Kolathur, Perambur, Red Hills.

This was probably the first time in our ECG history that we had the 2nd distribution activity on the same day (Nov 23 evening) :).

Akshyaa, Arun and Surya distributed 6 saplings to 2 homes in West Mambalam.

The young and budding members are easily outperforming aged Tiru and Sai with multiple distributions and that is awesome for our Mother Earth :-)

Few snaps:

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