Sunday, November 9, 2014

Red Drops - October Update

`Chanceay Illa` month for Red Drops. We arranged for

  1. 167 units in last month, 1) The highest ever 2) First time Century.
  2. for 83 Patients (57 from govt. hospitals). We saved
    1. 9 kids
    2. 13 pregnant women
    3. others are accident cases
  3. 1 kid died :( (RIP)
  4. 23 New Donors
  5. We gave atleast 1 unit to all requests.
  6. Big Applause to Akshyaa, Rathi and Divya for their timely co-ordination and support.
  7. Great emotional feedback from many Patients.

1 request from Perambur Railway Hospital for A+ve request. Already 16 units given on that day. So Akshyaa went there to give blood and found the patient is of poor economic background. She brought her family and managed to give 4 units of blood of 8 requests units.

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