Monday, December 7, 2015

Red Drops Updates - December

In December, admist of the big Disaster, team Red Drops managed to serve few needy people. The team arranged 17 Blood donors for their 17 request. 10 donors were sent to Egmore Children's Hospital to meet the requirement of a single patient who needed 30 units of blood. 

          Karthick's work was of opine. 

          And again, the Recipient's and Donor's Database was updated for this month.

          Sumatha and Soundarya provided us with much valuable information about blood and the                   matching of blood.
          Here is the infos: 

  • The main protein in human blood and the key in regulating the osmotic pressure of blood. 
  • Chemically, albumin is soluble in water, precipitated by acid, and coagulated by heat.

The blood that someone is given is 'matched' so that it won’t be destroyed by their immune system.

  • Type A Blood Group will match with the Blood Groups who has A or AB Blood Group.
  • Type B Blood Group will match with the Blood Groups who has B or AB Blood Group.
  • AB Blood Group can only match with a person with AB Blood.
  • Blood Group O can be given to anyone, so someone with that blood is called a 'Universal Donor.'
  • But a person with type A can only take blood from someone with type A or O Blood Group.
  • Type B can only receive blood from someone with B or O Blood Goup.
  • AB can receive blood from anyone. This is known as being a 'universal receiver.'
  • Type O can only receive blood from someone who is type O.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Red Drops Update - November

In the month of November, Team managed to arrange 26 donors for 42 requests.
The volunteers, Jai, Sumatha, Arun, Akshyaa and Karthick, who took the maximum efforts, need to be appreciated.
As usual, the Blood Informations and the Awareness messages were given by Sumatha and Soundarya.
Lakshmi Rekha took the responsibility in maintaining the Database of the Donors and the Recipients.

A few information by Red Drops:


*The word , "Abdomen" has a curious story behind it.
*It comes from the Latin "abdodere" meaning is to hide.
*The Idea was that whatever was eaten was hidden in the abdomen.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kundrathur Sapling Plantation

Sapling Plantation at Kundrathur in Suresh and Ajesh home was an extraordinary experience. Our Green-Warriors planted 5 saplings in Suresh's home and 8 saplins in Ajesh's home. The event which started at 9.00 a.m got over by 12.00 p.m. Thanks to the new volunteers Thamim and Uday for their untiring work, in spite of being new to the volunteering events, placed their maximum efforts in digging the pits and planting the saplings. Sasikala who planted her first tree sapling was on cloud nine and excited to do that. The lead, Arun, cooridnated the event in a successful way which resulted in timely start-up and completion of the event. Ajesh's family involvement was an Icing on a Cake.
"If you think in terms of a year, plant a Seed,
If you think in terms of years, plant Trees, 
If you think in terms of 100 years, teach the Community !"
- Conficus

 For Snaps:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Cascade Sapling Distribution

Day by day, a lot of change in people's Mind set and Behaviour, to show their care towards the environment to make it clean and green.  

We had great Mind Boggling events finished off in the past three days(19/08/2015-21/08/2015).

We distributed 
52 Saplings in the reception of N. Santhosh & R. Hemalatha, at Chellamal Sakthi Mandapam, Madipakkam (19/08/2015). 
Volunteers who helped in these event are: Aarya, Surya and Harish.
Special thanks to Mr. Chandru for referring us for this event.

44 Saplings in the reception of P. Rajesh & R. Malathy, at Shri Shri Shri Chandra Sekara Thirumana Mandapam, Alandur (20/08/2015).
Volunteers who helped in these event are: Surya, Selvi, Akshayaa, Poongodi, Kirubakaran, Karthick and Laxmi Rekha.
Great thanks to Mr. Jagadish for referring us for this event.

150 saplings at Ponneri (20-08-2015) in the reception of  E.Ramanarajan weds R.Kalaivani, UKN Mandapam,  at Ponneri, 
Thanks to Gowtham and Surya for coordinating the event

122 Saplings in the reception of M.Malini & M.Velmurugan, at Naggy Reddy Kalyana Mandapam, Vadapalani(21/08/2015).
Volunteers who helped in these event are: Selvi, Jai Sankar, Divya and Keerthivasan.
Great thanks to Sasi anna for referring us for this event.

32 sapling in the reception of Vimal kumar weds Vani, at Nemilichery.

In this past Three days, we distributed 400 saplings in these Five distributions.

Our calling team is ready for to call the recipeints in this packed up series of Sapling distribution.

And a very special thanks to all the Green Warriors who had made it possible. 
Few Snaps:

Friday, August 21, 2015

Tree Visit 1

Jeans, Malls, Metros everywhere with a rapid  decline of eco-system with a strong  evidence of   the absence of  a natural sunshade and the chirping of birds is the state of most of the metropolitan cities in the world.

Inspite of this we the members of Chennai social service are feeling blessed in sharing our success with this blog on our FIRST WONDERFUL TREE VISIT EVENT on august 30.

As planned we split up into 6 groups for 6 identified zones. The number of trees that we planned to visit were 52 but we could actually visit only 16. The further details of our visit are shared here:
Zone Volunteers
No. of Trees planned to visit
No. of Trees actually  visited
Sai, Kirubakaran
Arun, Akshayaa
Anna Nagar/ Ambattur
Sowmya, Surya, Jaffer
Manali/ Madhavaram/ Tondiarpet
Alandur/ Valasaravakkam
Ponmurugan/ Dinesh
Sanjay Kutty

It was a great experience and got a chance to interact  with different minds. One of the highlights are that, people are well aware of the contemporary scenario and they gave us new methods for composting . they are highly  interested in growing trees and welcome and thank our efforts for our mission towards green Chennai. 

For Snaps:
Subramaniyan weds Maithili -
Harish weds Niranjani -
Alexraj weds Grahalakshmi -

Monday, August 3, 2015

CSS 9th Anniversary Celebration

CSS 9th Anniversary celebrations - 2nd August 2015- Vinobha Hall - Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya School

CSS’s stepping into 10th year was an enthusiastic and yet a sorrow filled happening due to demise of People’s President and Youth’s inspiration Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This gentleman had passed away few days ago hence we at CSS dedicate our 9th Anniversary event to this Gentle Giant.
The guest of honour was Mr. Palanidurai and his family; they along with Sathish Kumar of CSS lighted the Traditional Lamp.
A two minute silence to departed souls who have led their lives as an example for future generation to aspire for, a small Audio Visual on Dr. Kalam, Followed by an elegy on Dr. Kalam by Jagadish and followed by mention of Sasi Perumal Ayya’s demise fighting for Prohibition.
The program was hosted at Vinobha Hall in Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya.
  1. The Next on agenda was CSS Annual report which was presented by various team leaders.
  2. This was followed by Poetry recitation and below are the Poets and their poems
    1. Mr. Magesh
    2. Mr. Sakthi
    3. Mr. Keerthivasan
    4. Mr. Arun
  3. The next was a presentation by Dr. Sumatha on food which we consume and how they are related to our body’s main organs and how they benefit us.
  4. A energetic dance performance by Gowtham Shana
  5. Awesome duet performances  by Pritivi and Swami Sir
  6. CSSians skit on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

CSS had the privilege of honoring best performing Volunteers over the year and were categorized as Volunteer of the Year and Star Volunteer
Star Volunteer - Their support is reflected in their commitment towards the team projects they had taken and accomplished over the year. They have been volunteers for many years and their continued presence gives the Organization strength and enthusiasm to carry on with many more activities and projects.
1. Mr. Ashwin Kumar
2. Ms. Akshaya
3. Mr. Arun Prasad

Volunteer of the Year - The volunteers have shown promise and also dedication to the task assigned to them. They have committed to the particular task and were proactive in volunteering for activities as and when time demanded. Thanks to you all.
1. Mr. Gowtham
2. Mr. Surya Prasad
3. Ms. Kanchan
4. Ms. Sowmya
5. Mr. Karthik
6. Mrs. Lakshmi Rekha
7. Ms. Pavithra
Special Appreciation Award - These volunteers and Corporate Organizations were immensely supportive of our initiatives like Vegam 2015, Nal Olluka Payirchi volunteering, Supporting our Nutritious Drink distribution, Sponsoring for our events and above all standing shoulder to shoulder in times of need.
1. Mr. Yuvaraj
2. MOP Vaishanv College for Women
3. Williams Lea
4. Mrs. Rekha Selvakumar
5. TCS Spencer Plaza
6. Outreach Cognizant Technology Solution

9th Anniversary celebrations Income and Expenses Report
Venue Charges- 5500
Venue Extra charges- 700
Electricity Charges- 500
Food expenses- 6000
Mementos- 9500

Total expenses incurred- 22200

Donations received in Kind
Mr. Sathish Kumar- 6000
Ms. Sruthi- 3000
Mrs. Asha Sridhar- 3000
Mr. Madhu Gupta- 2000
Mr. Praveen Kumar- 500

Thanks to all the volunteers who have given their time and energy over past one year in organising and being part of many activities. Hope to see same kind of support for this new year too.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

ECG - Orientation Session - 2015

Environment Care Group (ECG) team had a Orientation session on July 19. The session happened with the following agenda:
  1. The event started with following Video Clippings:
    1. Speech of President Barack Obama in UN's Climate Summit 2014.
    2. Speech of Actor and Peace Messenger Leonardo DiCarpio in UN's Climate Summit 2014.
    3. Documentary on Jadav Payeng, the Forest man of India.
  2. Inspiring speech by our Dynamic volunteer Gowtham on `Why we should care for Nature?`
  3. Briefing on all the activities in Team ECG.
  4. Arun Prasad gave an overview of achievements of the team in last 1 year.
  5. Break.
  6. Video on M. Yoganathan, Tree Bank of South India.
  7. Detailed briefing of sapling followup process.
  8. Discussion on Field Visit and Tree Album ideas with Action Plan.
  9. Zone leads Registration.
  10. Feedback / Suggestions.
  11. National Anthem.

Thanks to the following green warriors for attending the session and taking up `Zone lead` roles as follows:

  1. Pavithra - Adyar
  2. Surya - Valasaravakkam
  3. Arun - Teynampet
  4. Gowtham - Tondiarpet
  5. Saiyasodharan - Alandur
  6. Sanjai Kutty - Pallavaram Municipality
  7. Jaffer - Ambattur
  8. Bharathi - Valasaravakkam
  9. Swetha - Adyar
  10. Kirubhakaran - Thiru Vi Ka Nagar
  11. Sowmiya - Anna Nagar
  12. Dinesh - Alandur
  13. Akshayaa - Kodambakkam
  14. Yeshvant
  15. Rajendran Selvamani
  16. Prithviraj
Zonal leads for following zones still open:
  1. Tiruvotriyur.
  2. Manali.
  3. Madhavaram.
  4. Royapuram.
  5. Perungudi.
  6. Sholinganallur.
"We are the first generation to feel the Climate change and we are the last generation to do something about it."
 - President Barack Obama, UN Climate Summit 2014.


  1. Chennai Zonal Map -

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sapling distribution in receptions @ West Mambalam and Alandur

Saplings Distribution in the wedding receptions at Nithya Kalyani Mandapam on 29th of May and in  our volunteer Priya's reception at West Mambalam on 31st of May went well. 

We distributed 120 (90+30) saplings in these two receptions,

Thanks to the volunteers Karthik Palani, Hitesh, Aarya, Sowmiya, Avinash, Arun, Surya and Selvi who turned up in spite of their busy schedule. 

Special thanks to the People who joined us and referred us for the sapling distribution. 

The volunteers who are going to do the follow up, the back screen work, of the saplings in these distributions are Sanjay for Alandur and Meenu Ram for West Mambalam distribution.

A Few snaps:

Sapling Plantation in VIP colony at Uthandi

Why should the Schools or the Corporates or the NGO's alone be a part in taking steps to make Our Mother Earth greener ? Why not the residential areas??

Yes, this time the plantation was done in the residential area in Uthandi. A person who came up with the idea of planting trees in the area, with his friends, contacted our Environmental Care Group to execute the plan of make his area more greener.

The event started at 8.30 a.m. Our volunteers unpacked the saplings, tree guards and other items.
We were divided into groups, one to dig the pit, another to prepare the tree guards and the rest were engaged in planting the saplings and to water it. 

Once the work of digging the holes and preparing the tree guards, which was started simultaneously, got over, we planted the saplings and placed the tree guards which was of two and a half feet height to protect them from the cattles. We planted 26 tree saplings of four different kinds.

It took 6 hours to complete the work and finally it ended at 3 p.m.

Thanks to the volunteers Surya, Sakthi, Gowtham, Akshyaa, Pavithra Murugan, Laxamanan, Sowmiya, Rajesh, Guru, Raja, Arun, Dinesh, Vinodhini, Aneesh, Ramesh and Ram.

This wouldn't be possible without the Yes Bank and our CSS Volunteer, Krupakaran who supported us financially in buying the saplings, tree guards and providing the refreshments to the volunteers.

And special thanks to the localites who helped us from the very beginning till the end in this plantation.

A snap from the event

Check the below link for more snaps

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Initiative by the Red Drops Team

What is one of the best service that you can do to humanity?

My answer would be to make people happy....make them smile. It gets much better when you make children happy and smile, especially children who are being treated for Cancer. 

To help the treatment of kids having cancer, the Red Drops team donates blood and organizes donors day in and day out. In addition to this, the team started the toy collection drive

The purpose of this initiative is to collect toys from the public and give it to the children who are undergoing cancer treatment. We hope this will make a difference to these kids, give them strength, make them smile, and reduce their pain (during the two to six month stay at the hospital). 

Procedure: Toys are collected from people, unsafe toys are separated, toys are segregated as suited for girls and boys, and then packed into pouches. Each kid is given two toys. When the kids are discharged, they take the toys with them.

We planned to conduct the first event at Adyar Cancer Institute on May 21, 2015. We had got permission from the chief doctor at Adyar cancer institute. 

We organized a collection drive. During this, we collected toys from the houses in Mylapore and from Satyam Cinemas. Few people from LNT and CTS dropped the toys in our CSS office.

We collected a total of 370 toys, which included:
  • Small toys-190
  • Big toys-92
  • Board-27
  • soft toys(fur)-38
  • Balls-20
  • Bat-3
They toys were then gifted to the kids at the Adyar Cancer Institute. Only 5-6 volunteers were allowed to step in and be with the kids. The toys brought a smile on the faces of the kids and volunteers. 

An article was published about the initiative in Times of India. This helped us spread the message among the public and get their support. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sapling distribution in reception @vadapalani

On 5th of May our Green warriors distributed 60 saplings at the marriage reception in Sri Rajambal kalyana mandapam, Vadapalani. Volunteers were Gowtham, Magesh, Arun and Kothandapani. Special thanks to Kothandapani for this reference. We have got many personal requests for sapling distribution from the recipients.

A snap from the distribution:

Three Hundred saplings @ Three Receptions

In last one month our Green Warriors had distributed 300 saplings in various marriage receptions.

The Even details as follows:

In J.S.Kalyana mandapam at Vadapalani, we had distributed 100 saplings. The Volunteers were Surya, Arun, Sai, Rathnam and Gurubaran.  

In Valli kalyana mandapam at Vadapalani, we had distributed 100 saplings. The volunteers were Surya, Sai, Arun, Nirmal, Ganesh and Pavithra

At the wedding reception of Prem Kumar and Geethanjali in Shri Ramalaya Palace kalyana Mandapam at Thiruverkadu we had distributed 100 saplings.
Our volunteers were Surya, Sai, Nirmal, Hitesh, Rajasekar, Radhakrishnan, Dinesh, Kumaran.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sapling distribution in reception @ kolathur and Vadapalani

 On 30th April our green warriors Arun, Sai and Karthick successfully distributed around 270 saplings out of 300 in Alexraj's reception @ Vadapalani.
On 1st of May with the help of our green warriors Sakthi, Arun, Sai and Selvi we distributed 270 saplings in the Marriage recption at Kolathur.
Thanks to Alex and Sankar who gave us this wonderful opportunity to distribute 540 sapling within two days to make our Mother Earth Greener.

A snap from the distribution:
album link:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birth Day Sakthi

As part of ECG, we usually deliver saplings to birthday parties, where numerous guests attend the party and few interested people take the saplings.

But today, its a completely unique and different experience. Sakthi's👦 whole day, the whole party, the whole event revolved around visiting all his friends and giving them a sapling🌱 to make their home green🌳 and their air clean☁. He took this day off and the only thing he did today was visiting his friends' home and distributed saplings to them.

Wow, Sakthi. We are honored by your presence in the team and glad to volunteer with you 🙏
He has been celebrating his birthday in the same way for past 4 years starting with 10 saplings and today its 100 saplings 👍

Wish you a very happy green birthday and an awesome year ahead 🎉🎉🎊🎁

Keep inspiring us, Sakthi :)

Thanks to Surya, Mohan anna of Isha for their support in delivering the sailings to Sakthi 🙏

Friday, February 27, 2015

Plantation in Sharma Nagar school

Planting trees helps the environment. But planting trees with kids helps the environment and the society.

We planted trees at the Sharma Nagar government high school, Vysarpadi. The event started at 9.30 AM. It took nearly 6 hours to dig the pit and remove stones to plant 18 saplings. We involved the 7th standard students to plant the tree saplings and they were actively involved in planting the trees. Saplings were also given to the school kids who showed interest in growing them. Palani sir also spoke to the students about the importance of planing trees and saving our environment.

The volunteers for the event were Arun, Palani sir, Sai, Surya, Sakthi, Mohan Kumar, and Hitesh. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Vegam - 2K15

As an attempt to make a small difference in the lives of special children, Vegam 2015 was conducted on February 07, 2015 at YMCA. It was a sports event for differently-abled school children in which everyone wins.

The event was a great success as it brought a wave of motivation, joy, and happiness among 1070 students from 38 schools. A series of 131 events were conducted for the children and their enthusiasm and spirit were commendable. Our efforts were rewarded by the happiness of the children/parents/teachers and a certificate from the India Book of Records and Tamil Nadu Book of Records.

 In addition to the students, school staff, and parents, the chief guests, sponsors, and volunteers played a commendable role in ensuring the success of the event. Therefore, we take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all our well-wishers.

The chief guests included Mr. C Rajendran IAS, Join Secretary Agriculture Department, Mrs. Professor Vijaylakshmi, Head NSS team Queen Marys College, Mrs. Madhavi Latha, President – Wheel Chair Basket Ball Federation of India and Secretary – Paralympic Swimming Association of Tamil Nadu and Power Star Srinivasan Film Actor.

The event started with National Anthem. Next, the Indian flag was hoisted by Mr. Rajendran, which was followed by the torch run by CSS Volunteers accompanied by a group of Green warriors on cycles. The Vegam 2015 was declared Open by Mr Karthik from India Books of Records.

The ground was divided into four zones based on type of events held and the games were organized in these zones. The games included Ball gathering, hitting the ball with the bat, shot put, 100/200/400 meters running, sack race, balloon bursting, and assisted walking. After the events, prizes were distributed to the winners. Volunteers were assigned to each zone and each school.

Organic food was served as lunch and organic lemon juice was served as refreshment for participants. CSS had lined up entertainment events, such as flash mob, Bhartnaatyam by special children, performance on drums by Prabha. The entertainment section also included a short address by Mr. Anantha Sayanan on the importance of leading Organic lifestyle and a video on prevention of child sexual abuse.  

The entire event was displayed on a LED screen so that parents and teachers can see all the events. The media partner News 7 Channel telecasted live relay of the event from 4 PM to 5 PM.
The Championship trophy was won by Clarke School for Deaf, the Runner up shield was won by Little Flower convent for the blind, and Aravind foundation finished a close Third in Vegam 2015. The cheering Trophy was awarded to Premavasam school.

Special thanks to the following entities for their contributions:
Cognizant - Out Reach
Indian National Developers
Thomson Reuters
State Bank of Hyderabad
Wedding Vows Magazine
Organic Depot
Waxing Gibbous Media
Burndy Technologies
Kay's Photography
Rising Star Outreach
Drummer Prabha
SRM Easwari Engg. College
Aalim Mohammed Salegh Academy of Architecture
M.O.P. Vaishnav college for women
Anna University - Kurukshetra
Chithirangal Paesudhadi
Ashok Dhariwal water company
V.P. Arumudaliar Company
India Book of Records
News 7 Tamil
The Indian Express
Hindu Tamil
The Hindu

We had 344 volunteers to organize the event.
Vegam could not have been a success without the efforts of the 300+ volunteers who managed the show. In addition to CSS’s regular volunteers, we had students of SRM Easwari, Aalim Muhammed Salegh, and MOP Vaishnav colleges, professionals from organizations like the Cognizant Technology Solutions and Thomson Reuters, members of the Inner Wheel Club of Nolambur and NSS volunteers from Rotaract Club.

It was a wonderful event and each one of us had a great experience interacting with the kids.