Friday, November 28, 2014

Sapling Distribution - November End

We had 2 awesome sapling distribution events on November 28 and November 29.

The first one was during the engagement ceremony of Alexraj and Grahalakshmi in Chrompet on Friday evening. We took 30 saplings, but only 20 were distributed to 12 people and we returned the remaining 10. Volunteers were Surya and Sai. A guest who attended the engagement enquired about CSS and got interested in our activities. He would like to attend our meetings J.

Next, distribution was at Divya's reception in T.Nagar. We took 60 saplings and an awesome 59 samples were distributed to 45 people. Of the 60, 20 of them were plant saplings, because of the request! Volunteers were Surya, Arun, Pavithra and Sai. As always, people love to take the tree saplings and grow them, but because of space constraints, many couldn't!

Both the events were awesome. Our feedback team will follow up on the given saplings after a month :)

Thanks to Alexraj and Divya for giving us an opportunity to make Chennai a greener :-)

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