Saturday, November 1, 2014

80 Saplings @ Veppambattu Sapling Distribution

We distributed 80 saplings in the reception of Harish and Niranjini on 29.10.2014 in Veppampattu. Thanks to Arvind Sudarshan for providing us this opportunity.

Arvind and Nandu

On Time

This time, we reached the mandapam very early like @ 5.55 PM and spent around an hour drinking juices and having snacks :-) :P

Then after 7.30 only people started getting our saplings and 74 saplings were given by 9.30 PM, after which we went for dinner and left... Arvind handed over the remaining 6 to his relations and messaged us their contact numbers.

New Soul

Nanda Kumar (9th standard student) who is a guest in the marriage, got very interested about our activity and started volunteering :-) He is of big support on that day :-)

and this time we experimented a new way of getting `sapling receiver` details with a form, which they need to fill and get the sapling. And there will be provision to mark their interests in `Social Activities` and `Blood Group` :-) An idea that sparked in our last `ECG Core Strengthening meet`

​We couldn't engage in conversation to get all details from people, as only 2 of us were there.. Will improve this with next event with more volunteers :-)

Last but not least,

* Happy married Life Harish and Niranjini *

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