Monday, December 7, 2015

Red Drops Updates - December

In December, admist of the big Disaster, team Red Drops managed to serve few needy people. The team arranged 17 Blood donors for their 17 request. 10 donors were sent to Egmore Children's Hospital to meet the requirement of a single patient who needed 30 units of blood. 

          Karthick's work was of opine. 

          And again, the Recipient's and Donor's Database was updated for this month.

          Sumatha and Soundarya provided us with much valuable information about blood and the                   matching of blood.
          Here is the infos: 

  • The main protein in human blood and the key in regulating the osmotic pressure of blood. 
  • Chemically, albumin is soluble in water, precipitated by acid, and coagulated by heat.

The blood that someone is given is 'matched' so that it won’t be destroyed by their immune system.

  • Type A Blood Group will match with the Blood Groups who has A or AB Blood Group.
  • Type B Blood Group will match with the Blood Groups who has B or AB Blood Group.
  • AB Blood Group can only match with a person with AB Blood.
  • Blood Group O can be given to anyone, so someone with that blood is called a 'Universal Donor.'
  • But a person with type A can only take blood from someone with type A or O Blood Group.
  • Type B can only receive blood from someone with B or O Blood Goup.
  • AB can receive blood from anyone. This is known as being a 'universal receiver.'
  • Type O can only receive blood from someone who is type O.