Monday, October 27, 2014

Red Drops to the Rescue

We usually arrange for 50 to 100 Blood donors per month, after strict filtration and more focus given to people from Government Hospitals.

But the last 4 days were completely different. There were loads and loads of blood requests pouring in, even after the basic filtrations. Despite the unexpected number of requests, we managed to arrange 43 units of blood. And with this blood, we supported

  1. 3 kids.
  2. 2 pregnant women.
  3. 2 accident victims.
  4. 3 elderly peoples.
Big Applause and thanks to Team co-ordinator Jagadish, and volunteers  Akshyaa, Divya, Rathi, Ashwin and Satish Bonthu for ramping up their efforts to meet the crisis :-) (y)

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