Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Touch of Green @ Don Guanella School

Sapling plantation in a Special School!
On 24th of January, we planted 21 saplings in the Don Guanella School garden. The event went well. The green warriors for this event were Arun, Surya, Saiyasodharan, Gurubaran, and Anandh.

School students Arun and Amul joined us in digging the pits and watering them.The tree saplings were planted with the help of school teachers and kids. They showed a lot of enthusiasm.

Volunteers were provided with the lunch as well as the refreshments.

As a whole it was awesome cloudy day.
      Few Snaps:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Adambakkam Nursery Maintenance

 As a part of Environmental Care Group (ECG), our volunteers extended their help in maintaining the Isha Nursery at Adambakkam. Maintenance work involved soil and organic fertilizer mixing and filling the packets with the soil.

First maintenance event on 11 January went well. Our green warriors Surya, Nirmal and Pavithra filled 120 packets in 2 hours.

Next maintenance event on 18th January at Isha nursery went well with 8 volunteers Surya, Arun, Surya's mother Selvi, Sai and his mother Padma, Jaffer, Padmaja and Swetha. They have filled around 320 sapling packets.

Few Snaps:

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sapling distribution @ velachery

Sapling distribution to homes on 4th January 2015 in Pallikaranai, Adambakkam, and Nanganalur went well. 16 Saplings were given to 5 homes with the help of our green warriors Sai, Surya, Arun, Nirmal and a new volunteer Narayanan.
Recipients were very much interested in growing them and vowed to grow them well

Few snaps: