Sunday, April 27, 2014

Arvanaipu Team is back with a banging bash - A day with HIV infected kids

We are too excited to share the experience that after a long time we had fun with kids!

As requested by couple of CSS volunteers & appeal from many homes, we have restarted the event "A fun day with needy kids for sparkling smiles on their faceswith the approval of CSS board.

HIV infected kids around various villages of Tiruvallur district were gathered @ Annai Gnanambal Social Service Centre headed by Sr. Prabha, former in-charge of Arunaima Illam, Egmore. Delicious lunch by our caterer Kannan (more tastier than ever), fun filled games & lot more!

There were approximately 80 kids; with their parents / care-takers, a total of 130 attended the event.

Total No. of volunteers turned up: 14
Rathi, Jaishankar, Jayalakshmi, Vimal, Deepa, Niraikula Pandiayn,
Ponmurugan, Sasikumar, Almas, Venkat, Tiru, Swami sir, Charu and Mahesh

Event schedule

  • Members Arrival at 11:00 AM
  • Kids introduction
  • They were divided into groups (Team A-F) headed by 2 volunteers each. Various games like dog & the bone, tail game, story telling, ball throw, singing, etc were conducted among the groups and scores were recorded
  • Yummie Lunch (sambar rice with poriyal, curd rice with pickle, egg masala) served at 1:30 PM, followed by prize distribution for the winners & participants.
  • Post lunch - A self composed song for kids by Mr.Kumaravel was launched on stage. Kumaravel, a kind hearted person, who himself is +ve, taking care of these kids with lotto positive attitude & energy.
  • Dance Talent exhibits - by group of girls for famous hits songs
  • Enthusiastic songs by Swami sir, captivated the crowd

Session ended by Sr. Prabha's speech and put her request to CSS in distributing health mix (MANNA) to these kids on a regular monthly basis.
Manna is a nutritious health mix with ingredients Ragi, Bajra, Maize, Jowar, Wheat, Fried gram, Rice, Green gram, Barley, Soya bean, Sago, cashewnut, Badam and Cardamom. Proved to improve the immunity (which is the major drawback in HIV patients); CD4 counts (which is essential to fight against infections) are tested & proved effective for manna.


1. We can fund for buying manna from retail shops on bulk basis
2. We can prepare the health mix manually;

which ever is feasible & cost effective could be finalized... Other details shall be discussed in board, further helping to decide on how we can help them

Special request for immediate attention:

  1. Miss Thulasi, 20yrs - 10th pass, who lost her parents in childhood, has a small brother, mentally challenged.
  2. Mr & Mrs.Latha (20yrs) 12th pass. Her husband is 29yrs,10th pass & diploma ECE discontinued.

All three need a job for their living (@ departmental stores/house keeping etc... please suggest if you know any). They belong to a village near arakkonam

Departure at 3:30 PM

Biscuits distributed by Sasi before Departure


Thomson Reuters - Rs. 5000
Sasikuamr - Rs. 2000
Swami Sir - Rs. 500
Ponmurugan - Rs. 100
Total = Rs. 7600

Lunch - Rs. 5000
Conveyance to kids - Rs. 1500
Paper plates and ball - Rs. 384
Total = Rs. 6884

To CSS Account: 7600 - 6884 = Rs. 716 (handed over to Venkat)

A very special applause to all the donors for their generous contribution and we wish this continues forever...


  • Kids had enormous fun, as this was the first time they are exposed to such an event-filled day (as mentioned by Sr. Prabha)
  • A song staged by Mr. Kumaravel
  • Swami sir's energetic performance
  • Tiru's ever green ever loving ever cheerful ever enthusiastic interaction with kids
  • A special mention to Jai as he was equally sparkling jolly time with kids...I think he would be Tiru's junior in future :-)
  • Mr.Venkat's support in organising groups which helped in peaceful conduction of games/managing the huge number
  • Pon / Almas / Rathi / Sasi / Nirai / Vimal / Jaya / Deepa serving lunch without any chaos.

Special Applause

  • Ponmurugan who has arranged sponsor of 10,000 towards Mr.SATISH'S surgery, thank you lots Pon.
  • To Jai for sponsoring biscuits to all the kids in the morning.
  • To Thomson team for sponsoring lunch
  • To Sasikumar for sponsoring biscuits to all kids
  • To all our senior members and friends who came for the day and shared their valuable time with kids.

*** Note: No photos shared considering the kids privacy ***

We hope you all had a heart–felt satisfaction in spending time with the kids. There are lots more to happen in future… Please stay on track… We will keep you posted...

Kindly feel free to share your feedback, as they are valuable for any further improvisation.

On behalf of Team Aravanaipu, we thank all our seniors for their constant guidance and thank our fellow volunteers for helping us in making the event a memorable one.

Last but not least, we conclude with a special thanks to all sponsors, and our members who have participated in the event and helped the team. :) :) :)