Saturday, October 25, 2014

Heavenly Diwali Celebrations at Home of Hope, Thirunindravur

We are too excited to share the happy and safe Diwali day moments that we celebrated with the cute and enthusiastic kids of Home of Hope, Pakkam village, Thirunindravur...

I. Event Schedule

  1. We all gathered at the home around 11 AM.
  2. Quick introduction of the kids and volunteers.
  3. Kids were divided into groups.
  4. Kept sand and water beside the area where crackers were to be busted
  5. Busted crackers under volunteer's supervision
  6. Delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian lunch served around 1:30 PM
  7. Back to Bursting crackers continued till 5 PM.

Complete Pics @

II. Highlights

  1. The mythology behind Diwali celebration nicely delivered to kids by Venkat
  2. Started with bursting 2000 wala and ended with a 1000 wala :)
  3. Crackers sponsored by Vidhya (Nandhini's sister), Thomson Reuters and CSS.
  4. Sweets sponsored by Mithila and Vidhya (Nandhini's sister)
  5. Tasty Gulab Jamun by Surya's mom.

III. Special Applause

  1. Cute poem (Kavidhai) delivered by Jagadish about Teachers to encourage kids on how and why one should respect teachers.
  2. Nice little toys sponsored by Aravind Sudarshanan, his father and brother.
  3. Special cheers to the elders who took part in the event at remote area despite heavy rain showers and difficult transportation. We appreciate your enthusiasm:)
  4. Tiru to take pain in buying  crackers at the last hour (late night) despite his busy office work.
  5. To all the volunteers for ensuring kids safety.

We hope you all had a heart felt satisfaction in spending time with the kids. There are lots more to happen in future… Please stay on track… We will keep you posted...

Kindly feel free to share your feedback, as they are valuable for any further improvisation.

IV. Volunteers and Sponsors

27 Volunteers:

Ashwin, Haribabu, Ponmurugan, Parthiban, Usha, Nandhakumar, Jagadish, Sai, Sai’s Mom, Surya’s Mom, Sasikumar, Little princess Keerthana, Dhivya, Mithila, Her Dad & Mom, Akshaya, Arvind Sudarshan, His Dad & Bro, Srinivasan, Jeyabalan, Bonthu, Venkat, Tiru, Charu and Mahesh.

Radha Shivakumar, Varshitha Nagarajan, Sanjeevi Kumar, Akshaya & friends, Anitha, Mithila, Prasana Ilangovan , Srinivasan, Jeyabalan, Aishwarya, Arvind Sudarshan, Parthiban, Haribabu, Ponmurugan, Sasikumar & Friends, Nagappan, S. Indra, S. Aravind, Tapan Kumar Das, S. Prabhu, E. Murlirajan, R. Aishwarya, K. Vatsal, K. Sakthivel, V. Subramanian, M. Jeyasree, G. Omnivas, D. Dhandayudhan, M.N. Chitra, P. Dhanapal, T. Kalyani

V. Finance

Total Sponsored Amount = Rs. 32250

Lunch - Rs. 7000
Crackers - Rs. 3650
Transport - Rs. 500

Total = Rs. 11150

Balance transferred to CSS Account: 32250 - 11150 = Rs. 21100 (handed over to Venkat)

PS: The funds collected shall be used towards Mr. Satish's hip replacement surgery.

VI. Closing

A very special applause to all the donors for their generous contribution and we wish this continues forever...

On behalf of Team Aravanaipu, we thank all our seniors for their constant guidance and thank our fellow volunteers for helping us in making the event a memorable one.

Last but not least, we conclude with a special thanks to all sponsors, and our members who have participated in the event and helped the team. :-) :-) :-)


Satish Bonthu said...

true, realising how special children feel on this day eager to lay hands on crackers. The bursting and sound makes them fill with joy.................

PrasanA said...

Good event, missing the occasion to be there....

Arun said...

Nice one sai.

Nanthakumar G V said...

Appreciable work done by CSS Team.
Keep it up ,
Spending time in Home of Hope, with elders and kids that too in a celebrations day like DEEPAVALI will give them much more happy and peace in thier living atmosphere.
I feel the real happiness, you make me to go back on my younger age memorable time I used tO spend in ORPHANAGES.

All the best.