Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sapling Plantation in VIP colony at Uthandi

Why should the Schools or the Corporates or the NGO's alone be a part in taking steps to make Our Mother Earth greener ? Why not the residential areas??

Yes, this time the plantation was done in the residential area in Uthandi. A person who came up with the idea of planting trees in the area, with his friends, contacted our Environmental Care Group to execute the plan of make his area more greener.

The event started at 8.30 a.m. Our volunteers unpacked the saplings, tree guards and other items.
We were divided into groups, one to dig the pit, another to prepare the tree guards and the rest were engaged in planting the saplings and to water it. 

Once the work of digging the holes and preparing the tree guards, which was started simultaneously, got over, we planted the saplings and placed the tree guards which was of two and a half feet height to protect them from the cattles. We planted 26 tree saplings of four different kinds.

It took 6 hours to complete the work and finally it ended at 3 p.m.

Thanks to the volunteers Surya, Sakthi, Gowtham, Akshyaa, Pavithra Murugan, Laxamanan, Sowmiya, Rajesh, Guru, Raja, Arun, Dinesh, Vinodhini, Aneesh, Ramesh and Ram.

This wouldn't be possible without the Yes Bank and our CSS Volunteer, Krupakaran who supported us financially in buying the saplings, tree guards and providing the refreshments to the volunteers.

And special thanks to the localites who helped us from the very beginning till the end in this plantation.

A snap from the event

Check the below link for more snaps

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