Monday, August 3, 2015

CSS 9th Anniversary Celebration

CSS 9th Anniversary celebrations - 2nd August 2015- Vinobha Hall - Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya School

CSS’s stepping into 10th year was an enthusiastic and yet a sorrow filled happening due to demise of People’s President and Youth’s inspiration Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This gentleman had passed away few days ago hence we at CSS dedicate our 9th Anniversary event to this Gentle Giant.
The guest of honour was Mr. Palanidurai and his family; they along with Sathish Kumar of CSS lighted the Traditional Lamp.
A two minute silence to departed souls who have led their lives as an example for future generation to aspire for, a small Audio Visual on Dr. Kalam, Followed by an elegy on Dr. Kalam by Jagadish and followed by mention of Sasi Perumal Ayya’s demise fighting for Prohibition.
The program was hosted at Vinobha Hall in Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya.
  1. The Next on agenda was CSS Annual report which was presented by various team leaders.
  2. This was followed by Poetry recitation and below are the Poets and their poems
    1. Mr. Magesh
    2. Mr. Sakthi
    3. Mr. Keerthivasan
    4. Mr. Arun
  3. The next was a presentation by Dr. Sumatha on food which we consume and how they are related to our body’s main organs and how they benefit us.
  4. A energetic dance performance by Gowtham Shana
  5. Awesome duet performances  by Pritivi and Swami Sir
  6. CSSians skit on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

CSS had the privilege of honoring best performing Volunteers over the year and were categorized as Volunteer of the Year and Star Volunteer
Star Volunteer - Their support is reflected in their commitment towards the team projects they had taken and accomplished over the year. They have been volunteers for many years and their continued presence gives the Organization strength and enthusiasm to carry on with many more activities and projects.
1. Mr. Ashwin Kumar
2. Ms. Akshaya
3. Mr. Arun Prasad

Volunteer of the Year - The volunteers have shown promise and also dedication to the task assigned to them. They have committed to the particular task and were proactive in volunteering for activities as and when time demanded. Thanks to you all.
1. Mr. Gowtham
2. Mr. Surya Prasad
3. Ms. Kanchan
4. Ms. Sowmya
5. Mr. Karthik
6. Mrs. Lakshmi Rekha
7. Ms. Pavithra
Special Appreciation Award - These volunteers and Corporate Organizations were immensely supportive of our initiatives like Vegam 2015, Nal Olluka Payirchi volunteering, Supporting our Nutritious Drink distribution, Sponsoring for our events and above all standing shoulder to shoulder in times of need.
1. Mr. Yuvaraj
2. MOP Vaishanv College for Women
3. Williams Lea
4. Mrs. Rekha Selvakumar
5. TCS Spencer Plaza
6. Outreach Cognizant Technology Solution

9th Anniversary celebrations Income and Expenses Report
Venue Charges- 5500
Venue Extra charges- 700
Electricity Charges- 500
Food expenses- 6000
Mementos- 9500

Total expenses incurred- 22200

Donations received in Kind
Mr. Sathish Kumar- 6000
Ms. Sruthi- 3000
Mrs. Asha Sridhar- 3000
Mr. Madhu Gupta- 2000
Mr. Praveen Kumar- 500

Thanks to all the volunteers who have given their time and energy over past one year in organising and being part of many activities. Hope to see same kind of support for this new year too.

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