Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Initiative by the Red Drops Team

What is one of the best service that you can do to humanity?

My answer would be to make people happy....make them smile. It gets much better when you make children happy and smile, especially children who are being treated for Cancer. 

To help the treatment of kids having cancer, the Red Drops team donates blood and organizes donors day in and day out. In addition to this, the team started the toy collection drive

The purpose of this initiative is to collect toys from the public and give it to the children who are undergoing cancer treatment. We hope this will make a difference to these kids, give them strength, make them smile, and reduce their pain (during the two to six month stay at the hospital). 

Procedure: Toys are collected from people, unsafe toys are separated, toys are segregated as suited for girls and boys, and then packed into pouches. Each kid is given two toys. When the kids are discharged, they take the toys with them.

We planned to conduct the first event at Adyar Cancer Institute on May 21, 2015. We had got permission from the chief doctor at Adyar cancer institute. 

We organized a collection drive. During this, we collected toys from the houses in Mylapore and from Satyam Cinemas. Few people from LNT and CTS dropped the toys in our CSS office.

We collected a total of 370 toys, which included:
  • Small toys-190
  • Big toys-92
  • Board-27
  • soft toys(fur)-38
  • Balls-20
  • Bat-3
They toys were then gifted to the kids at the Adyar Cancer Institute. Only 5-6 volunteers were allowed to step in and be with the kids. The toys brought a smile on the faces of the kids and volunteers. 

An article was published about the initiative in Times of India. This helped us spread the message among the public and get their support. 

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