Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas with Kids

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way……Who is the Santa?...hmmm…one our CSS member. Guess who could it be and leave your answer as a comment to the blog.  

Some of our CSS members celebrated Christmas this year along with the kids in Tiruvallur (as requested by Sister Prabha).

On  December 27, we reached the place by 11:30 AM. The day started with the kids exhibiting talents, such as storytelling, singing, and so on.

Then, Mr. Santa made a surprise entry and increased the enthusiasm level of the children. Santa distributed gifts to all the 57 odd children presented there.

Later, veg food (Briyani, brinjal thokku, raitha, sambhar rice, potato curry and sweet) was served. 

Post lunch, cake pieces were distributed to all. Finally, organic health mix packets were also distributed to the kids.

Thanks to Rathi for sponsoring cakes. Also, she and her friend sponsored the gifts as well.

Thanks to all attendees.


1. Charu
2. Rathi
3. Raghav
4. Jeyabalan
5. Jeyabalan's cousin
6. Venkat
7. Praveen
8. Yuvaraj
9. Yuvaraj's wife

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Saiyasodharan R said...

Awesome event, neatly written :)

and the Is the santa Jayabalan??