Sunday, December 28, 2014

Visit to Mahabs

On December 28, we planned to take our tuition center kids to Mahabalipuram for a one day outing.

46 kids from Gandhi Nagar tuition centre (near Island ground) and 34 kids from Nehru Nagar tuition centre (Ennore) got ready along with 15 care takers and 13 volunteers.

2 buses were booked and the kids were boarded. All were turned into Santa that day (wearing the lovely santa caps).

First, we visited the crocodile park. A nice cake kept us away from hunger. Next, we went to Mahabalipuram. We visited 5 Rathas, with the company of guide Lakshmanan, we learnt some good information regarding the spot.

Then, we had the wonderful lunch delivered by our Kannan (Veg briyani, raitha, sambhar saadham, potato curry, chips and sweet)

After lunch, all the big and little santa's marched towards the rock, climbed up the hill, and so on.

Then, visited the light house, and on return again the delicious Chappathi, parotta and Chenna of Kannan were waiting for us.

After finishing everything, team returned to their buses and continued with some rock and roll performance and reached back to home safely.

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Uday (Lakshmi Rekha) who sponsored 30k for spending a wonderfull day.

Thanks to Mr. Koushik for sponsoring the cakes.

Thanks to Swami sir and Jeyabalan for bringing the Santas alive by sponsoring the santa caps.

Thanks to Ashwin for sponsoring INR 2,000/-, Sasikumar INR 1,000/-, Praveen and Mithila for their donation of INR 500/- each.


1. Lakshmi Rekha
2. Charu
3. Akshaya
4. Nandhini Shri
5. Raghav
6. Praveen
7. Tiru
8. Jaffer
9. Suryaprasad
10. Arun Prasad
11. Satish Bonthu
12. Prithvi
13. Venkat

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