Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nalanda - Annual Report 2014

The Nalanda team aims to instill a sense of responsibility in the student-community towards their society and country. This can be achieved through encouraging the practice of ‘Good habits’ as devised by ‘Munaivar Poonthuraiyaan’. We conduct ‘Good habits’ classes for students of government and government aided schools. Apart from this we also provide financial support to some tuition centers.

Nalla Pazhakka Vazhakkam

An excellent initiative with a very apt name. This activity spans for one full academic year with few phases.

Phase 1

We conduct a moral session to the kids teaching the causes and consequences of being good and bad and the importance of developing good behaviors. Then we introduce them our work sheet / book materials, teach them on how to work out those and distribute to interested students.The material has a tabular chart for each month, where good behaviors and charted in row against days in a month in the columns. The list of good behaviors include,

  1. Waking up at 5 AM,
  2. Brushing the teeth first
  3. Taking bath
  4. Helping mom
  5. Watering plant
  6. Finishing homework, etc.,
The kids will self evaluate for all the listed activities at the end of the day, before they go to sleep.The list of good activities to be followed by the kids is divided into 3 different levels based on the grade they study.

Phase 2

We visit the kids every month, get their work sheets, sign on them and give them feedback on their past 1 month performance, then discuss with them how they felt, did they had any problem in following the activities and try to resolve any issues they had. This review happens every month for maximum 6 months.

Phase 3

At the end of the academic year, we collect the worksheets back from the kids to evaluate their performance under various criteria to identify who has filled them honestly and also continuously. We then either visit those student’s parents or call them to know about positive change in their child’s behavior in the last one year.

Phase 4

Nomination form will be issued to the students, who does this practice regularly and they will nominate themselves for performing truly well.

Then highly performed kids were given some gifts as a token of appreciation and to encourage them, to further continue the activity in their next academic year. They are also issued a certificate of accomplishment. Once they complete their 10th/12th grade these certificate holders will get priorities in availing the sponsorship for their higher studies.

List of schools which are covered in the academic year 2013 – 2014

School Type
School Count
Total Strength
No. of Prizes
Chennai Corporation (Royapuram Zone) schools
Govt. and Govt. Aided High and Higher Secondary schools in Tiruvallur
Other Schools


  • We introduced this practice in 105 schools in Chennai (and outskirts), Tiruvallur District and also in our Tuition centers. The prize includes Pencil, Sharpener, Eraser, Sketch Pen, Wax Crayons, colouring cake, Pen set, Ball point pen, etc.
  • We conducted special classes for 12th Standard students on Career Guidance and “The Secret of Success.

Children’s camp

We conducted a two day camp at Tonakilla, Avadi on January 25th and 26th for 41 children from the tuition centers which we support. The idea of the camp is to give children the experience of staying a day out from their normal routine. During these two days, children underwent yoga, military activities like crawling on the rope, tug of war, Karate session, camp fire, scout related activities, session on various knots, awareness on first-aid, Street play, magic show, etc.

Plan for Next Academic year

Plan for next year is to continue the same set of students for minimum of 3 years to understand the changes happened in them. And we find several other ways to motivate the students to do this practice effectively.

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Venkat said...

Thanks to all who involved in this project for last 1 year. We have started the 2nd year of this project and expecting the same support from you again.