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Food Bank - Origin and Annual Report 2014

Viewer Discretion: The following post contains brutal images of Injured Animals.


The story of Food Bank started like this when one of volunteer saw that a plastic bag came flying from third floor of an apartment to a garbage bin which was 50 meter away from the building. When the bag reached the bin, he saw at least 3 dogs and 6 crows running and flying to reach this bag.
Wondering what was there in it.. it was filled with stale food, somehow the animals know what come out daily.

Everyday tons and tons of food goes as waste in hotels, wedding celebrations, parties and even from homes where we have a culture of putting in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage/ Dustbin. This way it is not accessible to any living things.

On the other side many humans and animals die of famine and hunger without food. One of the main reasons to survive in this world is for food, and we decided not to let go of food as a waste rather feed hungry mouths (destitute people, children, even animals) at least in this city.

Initiative to save Waste Food

For this we collect food from places where it is getting wasted and transfer to the people and animals that are in real need of food.

After our volunteers heard this initiative they call us started donating raw rice to feed the hungry mouths on the roads. In fact at the end of 4th year of FOOD BANK we can proudly say we have donated more than 13 tons of food for animals.
“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Although the intention of FOOD BANK is to only provide the waste food to animals, the intention made us to closely work with animals continuously, we got engaged with Blue Cross of India involving in cleaning the shelters of cows, dogs, puppies, cats and on…. including cleaning their fecal matter in the shelter.

11 Tons of raw rice collected for animals till 2013

2 Tons of raw rice in 2014  

Animal Rescue

Later in 2012 CSS started helping in animal rescues. There is always ambulances and 108 facilitates for the humans and the medical help is always there wherever and whenever possible. But for animals even if they fall in a pit there is no one to help. Or no one is skilled to help the animals in vain. So that’s when CSS started in helping animal rescues along with the BCI – We started involving in animal rescues from there on – CSS has gone to the level of rescuing Dogs, Cats, Cows, snakes peacock, pelican, etc and even going up to the stage of filing cases against the culprits who involve in animal abuse and illegal killing of animals. We have followed the lorries and seized those involved in illegal cow slaughters and meat mafias.

One of our Volunteer helping in rescuing a puppy which got its ear cut brutally by a man. He also sat infront of the police station to file the FIR against the culprit for the whole day.
From 2014, FOOD BANK is planning to train interested volunteers who can work for animals on the go.. These volunteers will involve in an intensive training on how to handle different types of animals especially during the emergency and trauma for the animals. We are planning to come up with a medical kit which can be handy and will have all required things and medicines during an emergency.
We could like to continuously thank all our volunteers who have been supporting this project by donating rice, by running during emergency rescues even at odd times.
Our Volunteers helping in rescuing a buffalo

Volunteers helping in rescuing a cow which was hit by the train

Volunteers helping in cremating more than 100 dogs which were brutally killed and buried next to a pond

Rescues in 2013

  • 1 Puppy
  • 4 Cows
  • 2 Snakes
  • 1 Pigeon
  • 2 Dogs

Sample of what a `Animal Rescue Operation` will look like`:

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